David Vitter is terrifying. There is no low that is too low for this man, apparently, as he is now coming under scrutiny for having hired private investigators to track the blogger who published an interview with one of Vitter’s alleged former mistresses.

Blogger Jason Berry said he spotted the investigator, Robert Frenzel outside his home one night. According to Berry, Frenzel made eye contact with him and smiled while driving by Berry’s home several times.

“I don’t know whether it was incompetence, whether he’s like Inspector Clouseau, or whether the guy actually wanted me to see him, but it was pretty clear what was going on when I made eye contact with him and he smiled at me,” said Berry to CBS affiliate WWLTV.

As WWLTV reports:

This is significant because for the last week Berry has been posting new allegations regarding Vitter’s prostitution scandal. Berry used his blog, www.theamericanzombie.com, to post a new interview with Wendy Ellis, who was known as Wendy Cortez when she claimed in 2007 to have repeatedly serviced Vitter in the late 1990s.

Berry says that he is concerned about what will come of Vitter’s attention.

“David Vitter… is a very vindictive person,” Berry told WWLTV. “I’m worried about my family. I mean, I worry about retribution issues. That concerns me greatly.”

For more on this, read the article from WWLTV titled: “Vitter’s P.I. tracks sheriff’s table, blogger’s home.