Conservative radio host Michael Savage (Weiner) is a vicious, angry person and certified psychopath. He recently ranted about the Larry David appearance on Saturday Night Live in which he gave a brilliant impersonation of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

“The reason Saturday Night Live made believe that they were ridiculing Bernie Sanders was to weaken Michael Savage’s strong performance, where not only is ‘Bernie Sanders the lunatic’ ridiculed, but more particularly Bernie Sanders’ more insane Soviet economics are exposed through my comedy,” said Savage.

He criticized Sanders’ “Soviet-style” politics and called David “snide Brooklyn vermin.”

After bashing SNL, Sanders, and David, Savage (Weiner) went deep down the rabbit and said SNL is trying to promote Sharia Law.

“My friends, if you want Sharia law then listen to Saturday Night Live while stoned on marijuana,” he said. “If you think you’re just smoking a j and having a good night, you don’t understand that they’ve been brain-deadening you for years.”

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