The state of Kansas is in economic turmoil, and it’s all thanks to Gov. Sam Brownback’s Tea Party economic experiment that includes tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy while cutting economic benefits for the poor.

Brownback’s approval rating among Kansas residents has plummeted to 18 percent, a historic low for Kansas governors. President Obama is out-polling Brownback in the deeply-conservative state of Kansas. But, what does one expect considering Brownback created a state deficit of $600 million in just a few short years.

The state’s coffers are so damaged, that state officials have had to dig into the state education and highway fund to try to balance the budget. Brownback has refused to go back on his tax “experiment” by taxing the wealthy and has instead increased state sales taxes on certain items. Of course, this increase only really affects low-income residents.

The state of Kansas is dying, and it’s all Brownback’s fault. The situation in Kansas is a perfect example of why Republican economic policies are failing policies. Imagine that on a national scale.

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