The Tea Party faces the lowest support it has ever had. A new poll from Gallup shows that the Tea Party’s favorability is at a five-year low of only 17 percent. Gallup claims that this is the first time the Tea Party’s support has been below 25 percent.

That doesn’t meant the Tea Party still doesn’t have influence though, as Salon reports:

Of Course, it has been the Tea Party sympathizers in the House Freedom Caucus and Tea Party Caucus who have in a matter of weeks forced current House Speaker John Boehner into an early retirement, denied second-in-line Kevin McCarthy his opportunity to ascend and nearly browbeat Paul Ryan out of the job for fear of future retribution. The Tea Party’s take no prisoners approach in Washington D.C. has done little to bolster support across the nation, however.

For more on this, read the article from Salon titled: “The Tea Party is on life support: New poll shows it’s less popular than ever.