MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd decided to take a cheap shot at Representative Elijah Cummings, claiming that Democrats on the Benghazi committee defended Hillary, rather playing into the GOP’s smear campaign.


Chuck Todd: Let me start quickly with I guess the one issue that a lot of people had with how the Democrats handled themselves. We tallied up 68 total questions to Secretary Clinton. Sixteen of them at best could we call “challenging.” Why did you guys choose a strategy of shield rather than a strategy of really what Tammy Duckworth did, probably the one Democrat that did it the most, of conducting the hearing, asking questions about the security situation?

Rep. Cummings: From the very beginning, Chuck, I said we were looking for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And in many instances, we found ourselves having to not defend Secretary CLinton, but to make sure that the record was complete.

Todd continued to try and paint a picture that Democrats were trying to evade tough questions and protect Clinton. Cummings reminded Todd that he and other Democrats were guided by their memories of the pleas of the family members of the deceased to try to find out the truth of what happened and to keep it from happening again.