MSNBC has been changing direction recently and it doesn’t look like they’re making improvements for the better. Just look at the recent analysis MSNBC’s Luke Russert offered covering the Benghazi hearings.

Russert: I think what you saw there was Elijah Cummings, Mr. Schiff, Sanchez, they were able to block a lot of the things that would have been hurtful to her by bringing up things, ‘hey your time is done chairman’ or ‘we shouldn’t go on to this one, or how much longer are we going to be here.’ That worked in her favor.

Despite the hearing lasting 11 hours, Russert seems convinced that the fewer than 15 minutes that Democrats spent asking about how long the proceedings were likely to last was key to Hillary Clinton making the entire GOP look like the buffoons they are.

Welcome to the new brand of MSNBC reporting: complete idiocy.

Russert, Todd and Scarborough, your new faces of MSNBC: See ya!