According to a new poll from Bloomberg Politics this week, Ben Carson now leads Donald Trump in the early voting state of Iowa. The reasons behind the climb seem completely insane though.

As Bloomberg reports:

Evangelical Christians, who represent 42 percent of likely Republican caucus participants in the poll, appear to be aligning behind Carson. He received support from a third of that group, up from 21 percent in August, when he only narrowly led Trump with that key segment.


Carson’s rise has also been fueled by gains with Tea Party supporters. Among those who consider themselves part of the limited-government movement, he gets a third of the support, up from 21 percent in August.

More than two-thirds of likely GOP caucus-goers also say that on the basis of religion alone, it would be unacceptable for a Muslim to be a U.S. president…

“He just says what he believes and I like that,” said one man. “I like his story. He’s been a hard worker and I don’t think anything was given to him. He knows what it takes to be successful and that you have to work for it.”

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