Jeb Bush’s campaign is in crisis mode. The campaign is reportedly cutting campaign spending in order to try and salvage what little hope remains in early states.

As the Huffington Post reports:

The moves will reduce the campaign’s payroll by 40 percent, while also cutting travel costs by 20 percent and eliminating extraneous overhead spending. Most campaign officials were told of the cost-cutting on Friday.

Increasing pressure on Jeb’s campaign from contributors have the campaign looking to perform well in early states to hopefully recover some legitimacy with constituents.

“We are moving our resources into the states to ensure that voters in primary and caucus states are introduced to his record and vision for the future,” said a spokeswoman for the campaign.

The Bush campaign has expressed that it recognizes the detrimental effect the Trump campaign has had on Bush’s prospects. Officials with the campaign have stated that the political landscape of today is very different than what they expected when the campaign began.

How much longer can Jeb’s campaign limp forward?

For more on this, read the article from the Huffington Post titled: “Jeb Bush Slashes Spending Amid Campaign Woes.