On TruNews last week, host Rick Wiles brought on Cliff Harris, a widely-known climate change denier. During their discussion, the two conservative whackos determined that Bernie Sanders’ popularity is a definite sign of the end times.

As Right Wing Watch reports:

Wiles warned that leaders like Pope Francis, Al Gore and Bernie Sanders are part of a plan to “use global warming to impose global socialism” during which they will “take control of property, eliminate private property rights, take control of natural resources.” Wiles said the purpose of this plan is to impose “a centralized global government controlling the activies of every human being on the planet. That’s what Al Gore and all those socialists are after, and they’re using the climate as the justification.”

Wiles also proposed this is a sign of the second coming of Christ, “this is evidence of Jesus Christ coming back.” …

Listen below via Right Wing Watch.