The Hungarian journalist who was fired from her job and drew international anger for kicking and tripping Syrian refugees has vowed to sue Facebook and one of the refugees she assaulted.

Petra Laszlo announced her plans to file a lawsuit against the refugee and the social media website, Facebook, during an interview with Izvestia, a Russian news outlet. Laszlo said she wants to sue Facebook because the website didn’t remove negative and threatening messages directed at her.

Laszlo came from a far-right, ultranational online TV channel called N1TV, and even the station said she “behaved unacceptably.” Shortly after a video showing her cruelty went viral, she issued an apology and said “something snapped in me.” It sounds like a racist xenophobe acted on her feelings and got caught.

Laszlo is suing a man who she tripped while he was carrying his child. How can she have the audacity to file a lawsuit against the victim?

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