Ron Luce, founder of Teen Mania Ministries, has a warrant out for his arrest, but still made an appearance on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. There were absolutely no questions about the legal troubles facing Luce.

A Colorado court issued an arrest warrant against Luce after failing to appear in court for a breach of contract lawsuit. Luce’s ministry has had to deal with a scandal regarding Teen Mania’s finances. He has used the group to endorse right-wing groups and politicians.

According to one report:

Individuals and churches continue to report paying for events that end up being canceled and not receiving refunds. Some say they were offered a small percentage of the amount owed but returned it because they didn’t receive assurance that the rest would come later.

“I’m angry because they are continuing to hurt others,” said Pennsylvania resident Jolie Roth. “They are continuing to steal and lie from fellow Christians ‘in the name of Jesus.’”

Today, Charity Navigator ranks Teen Mania as the nation’s fifth-most insolvent charity, with a net worth of negative–$5.2 million.

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