Even with corruption and race-based violence running rampant in the American judicial system, Officer Billy Ray Fields is making an effort to change what has gone wrong with American policing. In a video he shot, he goes through what is wrong with policing and what he believes needs to be done to change it.

Fields apologizes for the violent deaths of so many black Americans and what he sees as the cause.

“I’m sorry that there is a lack of training that needs to be taking place in these departments,” he said. “I’m sorry that there are not more psychological evaluations and stress-testing done.”

“I’m sorry that there is a plethora of racist cops dressed in police uniforms,” he said.

“I’m sorry that even though foul play can come from both sides and play the part in some of these cases, there still should have been that one or more officers stepping in to neutralize the situation once they saw things getting out of hand,” Fields said.

Watch Fields’s full remarks below.