Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) should change his affiliation to Republican because he takes the conservative stance on several issues. Most recently, he has voiced his support for drug testing public housing applicants.

Manchin announced his support for drug testing public housing applicants, using “the children” as his reason for doing so. Using kids is a classic political ploy to support policies that are actually harmful to people because it’s tough to question such support. However, Manchin’s pattern of supporting conservative policies makes questioning him so much easier.

Manchin said a group of middle schoolers told him “our moms and daddies don’t use that money for us.” Drug testing public housing applicants is no different than drug testing welfare applicants to receive food stamps. It’s discriminatory and expensive to the taxpayer.

Manchin supports conservative proposals, namely the Keystone XL Pipeline. He defended the pipeline against his own party, siding with the Republicans. He should just switch parties already.

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