Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump loves to brag about how his campaign is completely “self-funded.” He neglects to mention how many small contributions he’s received from grassroots supporters.

Since announcing his candidacy, Trump has received 73,942 contributions, surpassing the amount received by any other Republican presidential candidate. Reports from the Federal Election Committee revealed that 70 percent of the $3.9 million received from July through September came from individuals giving less than $200.

Each contribution to Trump averages about $50.46. Oddly, people say they give Trump money because they feel sorry that Trump is funding the campaign all by himself.

“One of my reasons for wanting to support him is that even though I know that he does have a lot of money, I don’t feel like that’s right for him to have to bear the burden,” said Trump supporter Ansley Pascoli, 64.

It’s actually quite sad that Trump’s supporters feel any sympathy for Trump having to “bear the burden” of funding his own campaign. Trump is insanely wealthy, he does not care about how lower-income people feel. He doesn’t need or want our sympathy.

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