Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), who is staunchly pro-life, impregnated a former sex worker and pressed her to get an abortion when he found out about the conception. The woman, Wendy Ellis, spoke to investigative journalist Jason Brad Berry, stating the following:

BERRY: He asked you to have an abortion?

ELLIS: Absolutely. But you can sit there and walk across the grassy knoll holding your wife and your children’s hands and screaming “family values,” but you want me to go abort my baby.

BERRY: And you didn’t do that because you have religious beliefs regarding abortion or was it personal beliefs?

ELLIS: It was personal beliefs. I believe that if I’m woman enough to lay down and spread my legs, I’m woman enough to make the right decision. The child didn’t asked to be brought into this world. You know, I don’t believe in that whatsoever. That’s just disgusting to me.

It was found that Vitter was also on the client list of an infamous DC Madam.

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