Reports indicate that Dennis Hastert, former Republican House Speaker, is predicted to plead guilty to charges that he paid hush money in an effort to hide past sexual misconduct. If his guilty plea is accepted by the judge in his case, the details on Hastert’s misconduct may never be known.

As CBS News reports:

A judge in Chicago Federal Court convened a hearing Thursday in the case against Hastert, where Hastert’s attorneys said the former speaker requests to plead guilty on October 28. The attorneys will present details of the plea to the judge on Monday, and he must approve the terms of the plea deal before it can be finalized.

Hastert was charged with breaking federal banking laws and lying to federal investigators. From June 2010 to April 2012, Hastert made a series of withdrawals of varying amounts to try and avoid detection from authorities. He withdrew about $1.7 million from personal accounts. He allegedly agreed to pay $3.5 million.

Suspicions and tips have indicated that the payments were to cover up sexual misconduct involving a young man.

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