Mike Huckabee is well known for his backward, antiquated views. He makes no special effort to hide those views and this Thursday, Huckabee made the claim that poor criminals should be sold into slavery.

While speaking with radio host Jan Mickelson, Mickelson proposed that the world could benefit from some Old Testament justice.

“It says, if a person steal, they have to pay it back two-fold, four-fold. If they don’t have anything, we’re supposed to take them down and sell them,” he said.

According to Mickelson, this is better so the criminals “spend their time not sitting on their stump in a jail cell – they’re supposed to be working off debt… Wouldn’t that be a better choice?” he asked.

“Well, it really would be,” said Huckabee. “Sometimes the best way to deal with a nonviolent criminal behavior is what you just suggested.”

Listen to the interview below via ThinkProgress.