Conservative writer and editor Erick Erickson is completely done with Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul. Erickson says this is because of Paul’s flub where he remarked about his “dumb ass” livestream. Erickson endorsed Paul’s 2010 Senate campaign.

Erickson wrote a column titled “Rand Paul, It is Time to Take Your Campaign Out Back and Shoot It” where he expressed his disdain for the Paul campaign.

“The whole thing is embarrassing,” wrote Erickson.  

“Paul’s strategic choices have been muddled and have all the hallmarks of a candidate micromanaging a campaign staff that will neither stand up to him, nor guide him, but can apparently bully him into a ‘dumb ass live stream,'” Erickson wrote. “When other candidates went to Iowa, Rand went to Alaska and Wyoming. He has marched to the beat of not just his own drummer, but a drummer no one else can hear.”

Erickson added that he was still a fan of Paul as a politician, but the campaign is a “bloody embarrassment.”

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