Americans are fed up with the GOP’s blame shifting and evasion on the issue of climate change. A new poll has found that politicians who claim that they are “not a scientist” are just about as popular as those who claim they “are not a crook.”

As reports:

An online survey of about a thousand Americans revealed 87% of respondents want candidates for federal office that possess a basic understanding of science as part of making public policy decisions.

The poll by Zogby Analytics, which was commissioned by Research!America and, found 92% of Democrats, 90% of Republicans, and 79% of independents expressed support for politicians who know science.

“Evidence from science is the great equalizer in a democracy,” said Shawn Otto of “We are living in a new age when science affects every aspect of public policy, and voters want candidates to give science issues like climate change, health care, GMO foods, and jobs in the new tech economy a higher priority.”

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