Trump Casino employees and other members of The Culinary Workers Union Local 226 protested outside the Trump casino yesterday, seeking better wages and working conditions. They held signs providing that if Donald Trump wants to make America great again then he should start with his own employees. The Culinary Workers Union Local consist of 55,000 members.

Hillary Clinton joined the protest, stating:

You have to say…’no’ to efforts to prevent you from organizing, to prevent you from having the kind of working conditions you deserve, the kind of wages that are going to give you a living wage. And that means saying no to Donald Trump.

. . .

Some people think Mr. Trump is entertaining. But I don’t think it’s entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women. That is just unacceptable behavior. When we’re here together in solidarity to organize, we also want to send a message to Mr. Trump: That if you’re going to run for president, then you should represent all the people of the United States, and that includes hard-working people.

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