After nine people lost their lives at the hands of a violent gunman, the town of Roseburg, Oregon responded with some grief but mostly fear. They are terrified not of another massacre, but that President Obama is going to make it more difficult for the citizens of their town to get weapons. When Obama arrived in Roseburg to offer his condolences, he was greeted with protestors, rather than respect.

As Addicting Info explains:

Calls went out for people to wear sidearms and line the streets with signs decrying gun control. One father was so adamant about how disgusted he was that the president was coming to take away his guns that he was barred from meeting with him. The entire ordeal became a lesson in futility for the movement to “save” guns that exists for absolutely no reason other than the fear and hate deployed by the right.

It’s a very sad day in America when a small town could be struck with such a horrific act of violence, and not even for a second question whether gun restrictions should exist. Instead, of welcoming the president of the United States to grieve with those who have lost their children, the citizens instead wanted to protest and tell him to leave their town immediately.

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