Bobby Jindal could not have put his foot further in his mouth Sunday than he did during his interview with ABC host Martha Raddatz. Raddatz called Jindal out for making up facts about ISIS.

Jindal appeared incapable of explaining a plan to defeat ISIS and bring stability to the regions the group occupies. A plan for responding to and effectively dealing with ISIS is important for any would-be president. Jindal failed miserably.

Raddatz reminded Jindal that his ideas had already been tried and failed or they had been exposed as completely unnecessary and ineffective for responding to the threat ISIS poses.

Case-in-point, Jindal’s claim that the United States needs to do more to train Syrian opposition fighters – rebels – to combat the threat of ISIS in the region. The Obama Administration has pointed out, in no uncertain terms, that the strategy of training Syrian rebels to combat ISIS on the ground in Syria is not working. The Syrian rebels have little interest in fighting ISIS as they are more interested in the overthrow of the Assad regime.

Jindal pivoted and tried to make the point that he would enforce a no-fly zone. Raddatz pointed out why that was a ridiculous proposal:

ISIS doesn’t have aircraft. So what would that no-fly zone really accomplish? When has it really worked?

Jindal continued to fumble through the interview until finally he seemingly offended Raddatz by claiming that the United States isn’t making a serious effort to combat ISIS.

Raddatz told Jindal:

You don’t think that’s what they’re doing now? We’ve had thousands of airstrikes. ISIS is not a traditional army. The reason – and I’ve been out on an aircraft carrier, I have seen those jets coming back with their bombs still attached. Because they can’t drop bombs in congested areas. They can’t risk killing innocent civillians in those areas.

Watch the interview below.