Republicans refuse to accept that drug testing welfare recipients is a fool’s errand. They continue to press the issue because it resonates with their hateful constituents, not because it works. Now, a Republican Kentucky lawmaker is even going to far as to say that Medicare recipients should get drug tested to receive benefits.

Gubernatorial Matt Bevin suggested during a recent debate that Medicare recipients should be subjected to drug screenings. According to the Lexington Herald Leader:

Conway asked Bevin about his statement from April that recipients of Medicaid and Medicare should be drug-tested.

In April, Bevin said during a Louisville Tea Party forum that he supports random drug testing for recipients of both programs. “I firmly believe we frankly should drug test people that are on Medicaid and Medicare,” Bevin said at the time. “We just should.”

During Tuesday night’s debate, Bevin didn’t back away from that call, saying, “There should be expectation of you as somebody who is a recipient, or, as it’s often referred to in the state, on the draw.”

Conway interrupted Bevin to make clear that he was asking about Medicare and not Medicaid, to which Bevin responded: “Understood.”

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