Bradley Podliska, and Air Force Reserve Major and former investigator on the special committee on Benghazi, intends to file a complaint in federal court regarding what he considers his wrongful termination. Podliska says that he was fired because he refused to target Hillary Clinton politically in the Benghazi investigation.

Additionally, Podliska charges that he was fired after leaving to complete his military service, according to the New York Times. If true, that would be a violation of federal law.

According to CBS News:

Podliska worked nearly 10 months for the Republican majority staff starting in September 2014. He took a break from the committee in March to go on active duty in Germany for a few weeks before returning to the investigative panel.

Podliska told CNN that after he returned to work and news had broken of Clinton’s private email server, the committee staff wanted him to focus almost exclusively on investigating the former secretary of state. In fact, Podliska said, the panel had actually taken away resources from examinations of other individuals and redirected them instead to scrutinizing Clinton and the State Department.

A spokesperson for the committee denied Podliska’s allegations.

For more on this, read the article from CBS News titled: “Fired Benghazi investigator says House probe is partisan.