Speaking with conservative radio host Mike Savage, Donald Trump praised Savage for common sense. Savage has been known for extreme conspiracy positions that tell people not to get flu shots, said autism is a fraud, and called PTSD sufferers losers.

Speaking about global warming research, Trump and Savage said:

Savage: We have such corruption right now in science itself that there’s virtually almost no real honest science anymore and the best evidence I have for that is the fake global warming research. Almost every study comes out that’s warped. It’s all corrupt. Again Donald, I’m going to put it out because I keep saying it because people are hearing it. When you become president, I want you to consider appointing me to head of the NIH. I will make sure that America has real science and real medicine again in this country because I know the corruption. I know how to clean it up and I know how to make real research work again.

Trump: I think that’s great. And I think that frankly –

Savage: No, I would leave radio for that. Donald, I would take a cut in pay that would be astronomical, but I would do it for this country. You could pay me a dollar a year and I would do it, just to make sure we have real science and medicine.

Trump: Well, you know you’d get common sense if that were the case, that I can tell you, because I hear so much about the NIH and it’s terrible.

Trump went on to tell Savage: “And you’ve done an amazing job and I look at your ratings and I look at you — just you and, you know, you’ve been a special guy. You’ve been amazing. And you’ve been really nice to me and I appreciate it.”

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