Emails from Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice J. Michael Eakin is under scrutiny after emails from him have been leaked that expose the justice holds very offensive beliefs.

As Addicting Info explains:

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice J. Michael Eakin is currently facing scrutiny, as the emails exposing him are now being examined at the Judicial Conduct Board by the State Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane. And there’s more – besides the offensive conversations that took place, Kany also says there was pornohraphy involved. Just another conservative scandal.

One of the emails, which dated back to 2010, exposed Eakin for joking about a woman who goes to the doctor “beaten black and blue.” In the “joke,” the doctor tells her to drink tea and hold it in her mouth until her husband goes to bed. Like magic, the beatings stop. Kane explains: “The punch line is that she should just shut up.”

Demeaning women appeared to be a regular theme in Eakin’s emails. Eakin also appears to be a fan of racist jokes, anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican sentiments are seen recurring in the emails as well.

Eakin is drawing condemnation and criticism from legal ethics experts.

“This justice ought to say, ‘I’m terribly embarrassed. In retrospect, I deeply regret having done it. And I hope I will be forgiven,” said Geoffry C. Hazard, Jr., emeritus professor and judicial ethics specialist at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law.

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