Newsmax host, and conservative commentator, Ed Berliner has had enough of the National Rifle Association and right-wing, gun nuts protesting restrictions on gun purchases. Two days ago, Berliner went on air and emotionally stated the time has clearly come that something has to be done to make it more difficult for Americans to acquire guns.

Berliner made the following statements on his show:

Time to hold parents criminally responsible for their kids’ actions, because when you as a parent allow your kid, your snowflake, to take the life of another, you should pay the price just like them.

Time also to put to bed this Second Amendment absolute right. Make it a privilege, not an absolute right of DNA passage. Force gun owners to undergo intrusive background checks, including mental health exams. Take required gun safety courses. Renew them every year.

And while we’re here. How about being held criminally resposible for failing to lock up weapons and keep them from kids, and from those who have no reason to be around something that can take another life. In other words, earn that privilege. Work for it. . . . And as a gun owner I tell you what. I’ll volunteer. I’ll be the first in line.