The Republican Party has portrayed itself as The Great and Powerful Oz. Now there is no longer even a curtain to cover the farce. The GOP has become so dysfunctional it cannot even elect a Speaker of the House. This is much more indicative of the death of the party than first might appear.

The Republican Party is so fractured right now that no one can gain enough votes to become its leader. The problem is there are two very distinct groups within the GOP. One is a conservative group who is willing to compromise with Democrats where necessary to keep the government functioning. The other group consists of virulent racists, hypocrites, sanctimonious idiots who are willing to cause worldwide suffering if they do not get everything they want, and everyone else conforms to their beliefs. They literally are petulant children. The problem is there is enough of them to stop the Republican Party from functioning, and they are so ignorant they do not understand nor care that this will cause the destruction of the GOP, which is a good thing.

Congress has to address the debt ceiling and budget over the next couple of months. The GOP has proven it’s willing to shut down the government if it doesn’t get its way. Without a leader helping to form some compromise, it will be very difficult for the House to agree on raising the debt ceiling or on a federal budget. Thus, once again the government will shut down.

If this occurs, it could virtually guarantee the Democrats will take the presidency, House of Representatives and Senate in November 2016. Something that no one thought conceivably possible a few months ago is becoming probable.

Fox News and the Republican Party can try to blame a small segment of the GOP for causing all of this, but the truth is that the Republican Party started a trend in 1994 of becoming a party of hate and obstruction. It worked for them in the short-run, but they couldn’t stop the train, and it has become an out-of-control missile that is losing moderate support and even some conservative support. Those remaining will not be enough to maintain a competitive power structure, which is a very good thing for America.