The children of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are fighting over what to do with his heirlooms, and former President Jimmy Carter is mediating the dispute.

Martin Luther King III and Dexter King want to sell their father’s Nobel Peace Prize and the Bible he carried with him during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. Daughter Bernice King opposes selling the items and says they’re “sacred.”

On Monday, the former president met with the three children of King at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Carter noted his excitement and optimism about working with King’s children to work out the dispute.

“I am honored to be working with the King family in an effort to resolve the outstanding legal issues relating to their remarkable family legacy,” said Carter. “I have great respect for each of the three heirs of this legacy. They are working diligently with me and I believe we will be able to resolve these difficult disputes once and for all.”

Martin III and Dexter voted last year to sell the Peace Prize and the Bible as board members of their father’s estate. Bernice, however, refused to turn over the items, and the two sons filed a lawsuit against Bernice.

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