Jeb Bush’s campaign is continuing on its downward spiral.

The latest national polls show that the GOP establishment favorite is now polling at only 4%, which puts him behind 3 candidates with no political experience at all, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Jeb is now having to focus on damage control, rather than campaigning, as his wealthy donors have issued an ultimatum to him, saying that if he doesn’t pull up his poll numbers quickly, they’re going to find another candidate to shower with cash.

Jeb’s strategy today, according to his own campaign, is to simply wait it out and let the other candidates implode or drop out due to a lack of funds. And Jeb can absolutely do that – he already has a war chest of over $100 million, so the threats issued by his donors aren’t as dire when you consider the fact that he’s already taken all of their money.

But the problem with Jeb’s new strategy is that the other candidates aren’t imploding. Donald Trump is still climbing in the polls, along with Ben Carson, and every racist, bigoted remark that comes out of their mouths is having the opposite effect of what the GOP is hoping for. Every time Ben Carson bad-mouths Muslims, he climbs in the polls. Every time Donald Trump talks bad about immigrants, he climbs in the polls. The GOP establishment was under the assumption that comments like this would end the political careers of these buffoons, but to their dismay, it’s only making them stronger.

Jeb’s strategy might work for a month or two – if one of the candidates ahead of him burns out – but keep in mind that primaries begin shortly, and if Jeb hasn’t surged by January, then he’s officially done for.

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