A new analysis of supporter writing from the proofreading app Grammarly has found that Democrats have larger vocabularies and make fewer mistakes when writing online than Republicans.

To perform their analysis, the group observed the Facebook page of each presidential candidate and captured comments that were at least 15 words in length and were either positive or neutral, excluding negative, toward the candidate. They then selected 180 random comments for each candidate.

According to ThinkProgress, what they found was that “for every 100 words written, an average Democratic candidate supporter made 4.2 mistakes, while an average Republican candidate backer made 8.7 errors. It also asserted that Democratic supporters have larger vocabularies, using 300 unique words for every 1,000 words they use, compared to Republicans who only use 245 unique words for every 1,000.”

For more on this, read the article from Think Progress titled: “New Analysis Ranks Presidential Candidates By Their Supporters’ Grammar.