Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has a real hard time using words. Every time he speaks, nonsense comes out. He said we should use drones along the U.S.-Mexico border, that homosexuality is a choice because people go to prison, and that he would stand up and fight against a mass shooter. There’s way more.

However, he appeared on Fox News and had to defend his insane comments to host Martha MacCallum.

“It sounds — I understand what you are trying to say underneath — but the problem is the way it sometimes comes across,” MacCallum said.

“It is something you run into time and time again with the comment on Muslims being President and, you know, some other things,” she added. “So how do you deal with that part of the equation? Because you have to keep cleaning up these comments?”

Carson responded and said he doesn’t deal with it. MacCallum answered back and suggested that Carson should get better at speaking because he’s a presidential candidate. Carson, for some reason, doesn’t think he has to.

“I don’t think so, actually,” Carson replied. “I think people know exactly what I am saying, and they know exactly what the media is trying to do. And I think they are smarter than that and they’re not going to be manipulated.”

“So, I’m not gonna change and become a — you know — a vanilla (sic) envelope that they can accept,” he said.

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