What news? Fox News doesn’t report news. Fox News speculates and wonders. On yesterday’s episode of The Five host Eric Bolling decided that a good reason to get rid of background checks altogether would be that black people need guns to protect themselves from other black people.

Transcript of the exchange below:

Eric Bolling: What the gun show loophole is is exactly this — everyone is required, if you are a gun seller, that’s your business, you have to have a background check if you sell a gun to someone, you have to, whether it’s online or at a gun show. A very small percentage of guns – very tiny, tiny percentage are sold by private individuals to someone else, and in 30 states out of the 50, you do not need an extended background check. And so they want to close that loophole so that every single gun sold to anyone requires a background check — extended background check.

Geraldo Rivera: Isn’t that a good idea?

Bolling: Let me finish this one. No it’s not a good idea. Here’s what happens.

Rivera: Universal background checks?

Bolling: Here’s what happens with universal background checks, Geraldo, poor people, minorities in high crime urban areas, will have to make the choice between buying this gun to protect my family or feeding my family. Because sometimes it can be upwards of — in New York it’s $80, in Maryland it’s $200 just for the background check. People can’t afford to protect their own families; instead, they decided not to buy the gun.