This past weekend an East Cleveland police officer ran over a man with his police cruiser. According to witnesses, the officer was more concerned with potential damage to his vehicle than he was with saving the life of the man he had just hit.

Local WEWS reporter Kristin Volk said witnesses explain how the officer reacted to the incident.

“Witnesses and others at the scene tell me the officer who hit the man checked out his car instead of doing CPR,” said Volk.

“When the officer got out of the car, the officer went around the man, the young man on the ground, and checked his windshield out,” Volk recounted from a witness. “Then he put his hands on his hips. And everybody was like, ‘What the f*ck are you doing? The guy you hit is on the ground. He’s dying. He’s dying.'”

The victim received CPR when a second officer arrived on the scene, however, the victim later died.

The identities of neither the victim nor the officer have been disclosed.

Watch the local news report here.