Bernie Sanders is charging ahead with his message of representing the people against the billionaire class. New polls show that Sanders even beats out Hillary Clinton against Republican candidates in a general election now.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Among New Hampshire voters, Mrs. Clinton lost in test match-ups to former GOP Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida and former tech CEO Carly Fiorina. By Contrast, Mr. Sanders tied Mr. Bush and narrowly beat Mrs. Fiorina.

When Mrs. Clinton beat businessman Donald Trump by 3 percentage points among New Hampshire voters, Mr. Sanders topped him by 10 points.

In Iowa, Clinton was bested by every potential Republican candidate. Fiorina defeated Clinton by 14 points, Bush beat Clinton by 10 points, and Trump beat her by 7 points.

Sanders, unlike Clinton, was a stronger contender against the Republicans, beating Trump, only losing to Bush by 2 points and Fiorina by 3.

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For more on this, read the Wall Street Journal report titled: “Iowa, New Hampshire Voters Hold Dim View of Hillary Clinton, Poll Finds.”