Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson doesn’t want anyone to come to America. In fact, he hates non-Americans so much that he wants to turn non-citizen immigrants into indentured servants. While speaking to a reporter in Iowa, he described his anti-immigration plan.

He pitched a program that would force immigrants to become workers without rights. The reporter, Sabrina Ahmed, said Carson’s plan sounds “eerily like indentured servitude.” Carson added that because they’re not legal, they aren’t granted the same rights as American workers.

Carson said:

They do not get voting rights and they do not become citizens unless the citizens of the United States want them to become citizens. I’ve talked to many farmers with very large farms, including some here in Iowa, who say they have great difficulty hiring Americans to do that job even though they start them out at $11 an hour.

Carson’s plan would allow companies to mistreat immigrant workers, even more than they currently are, and is dangerously close to slavery.


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