South Africa native Anye Nkimbeng faced racist comments and actions after being elected Senior Class President at Lowell High School in Massachusetts. The 18-year-old and his family have been dealing with the fallout of an onslaught of racist text messages.

More than a dozen students engaged in a text “campaign” where they used a number of racist slogans and names.

One student wrote “fuck black people.”

Another student wrote, “Rule out blacks and #MakeLHSGreatAgain.”

“I’m just nervous about out (sic) graduation speech with him ‘Yo my n*gger this year was mad lit my n*gger ayyeeee 3hunna’ *every black person in our grade are standing up yearling AYEEEE and twerking.” “Yelling*” wrote another student.

Other students also “joked” about lynching Nkimbeng.

“It’s just sad and disturbing knowing that people in Lowell HIgh School wanted to hurt me and attack me because I won class president,” he wrote in a letter.

Despite facing tremendous racism, the Nkimbeng family confronted the parents of the dozen white, racist students and is taking it in stride and ready to move on.

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