Republicans don’t get popular by telling the truth, they get popular by saying the most outlandish things, being the most emotional, and telling lies the loudest. They’re shameless.

Take Carly Fiorina, for example. During the second Republican presidential debate, Fiorina told lies about how Planned Parenthood harvested the organs of aborted fetuses to sell for profit. The video she spoke about actually showed a fetus that was lost during a miscarriage. However, she was still able to incite the hate and aggression natural to the Republicans against Planned Parenthood.

Apparently, Fiorina has a history of lying and telling outlandish stories.

“Carly has never let facts get in the way of her being able to tell a story,” said Brad Whitworth, an 18-year Hewlett-Packard veteran.

Every time a Republican gets caught in a big lie, the counter-narrative always has the facts to prove the conservatives wrong, noted AlterNet. The same sort of thing happened to Mitt Romney in 2012 when he said 47 percent of the American population were freeloaders looking for handouts. That possibly cost him the election.

The lies of the Republicans are ugly, but the truth about them is even uglier. Fiorina’s truth is that she’s a misleading hack, and Romney’s truth is that he’s an elitist one percenter.

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