The presentation of evidence in the Ohio trial regarding DuPont’s Teflon chemical C8 came to a close yesterday.

Plaintiff Carla Bartlett’s attorney Tim O’Brien finished the cross-examination of DuPont’s last witness in the three-week trial. DuPont’s Dr. Robert Rickard acknowledged under cross-examination that he and his company DuPont had retained a group of esteemed independent epidemiologist to advise DuPont on matters relating to the health effects of DuPont’s chemical C8 used in Teflon. He further testified that this group of independent experts advised DuPont against making public statements of assurance as to the safety of exposure to C8. Finally, he testified that notwithstanding this very clear advice from very reputable scientists, DuPont continued to make such assurances of safety to those living in the communities that were drinking C8 contaminated water.

Closing arguments in the case are scheduled for Monday. The plaintiff is Carla Bartlett who is suffering from kidney cancer associated with C8. Three thousand five hundreds cases are pending over DuPont’s dumping of C8 into waterways.

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