Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addressed a crowd of anti-immigration supporters at a rally in New Hampshire and spoke about the Syrian refugee crisis. Trump said that if he won the presidency, he would kick out the Syrian refugees taken in by the U.S. “If I win, they’re going back,” said Trump. The crowd cheered.

How exactly Trump plans on committing that act of deportation remains uncertain. He plans on kicking out every Mexican immigrant by busing them across the border, which is already unlikely to be accomplished. But putting Syrian refugees on a ship back across the Atlantic Ocean is impossible, but more importantly heartless. Can you imagine how bad the situation must be in Syria for millions of people to be fleeing? We, as the riches country in the world, can’t figure out a way to help them? It seems all we ever want to do (meaning the GOP wants to do) is invade countries on baseless grounds and disrupt any little stability that might exist.


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