New reports have released the name of the Oregon shooter. We at Ring of Fire stand by our declaration of not naming these monsters. One person, however, deserves all the attention and celebrity that the mainstream media would otherwise give to the shooter.

Chris Mintz, 30, is a 10-year Army veteran. He recently moved to Oregon to care for his six-year-old son and to attend class with the goal of becoming a fitness trainer. A student of Umpqua Community College, Mintz was present during Thursday’s shootings. What’s more, he took five gunshots protecting fellow students from the shooter.

Chris Mintz is a hero.

His aunt, Wanda Mintz, spoke to news crews about the incident.

“[He] tries to block the door to keep the gunman from coming in [the classroom] gets shot three times hits the floor looks up at gunman and says it’s my son’s birthday today, gets shot two more times,” she said.

If you’re going to talk about any one person regarding the Oregon shooting, talk about this guy.


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