Lately, it seems like every time Jeb Bush opens his mouth, he says something more stupid, insensitive, and shocking than the last.

Speaking on Friday at a campaign stop in South Carolina, Jeb addressed yesterday’s tragic mass shooting in Oregon, saying that “stuff happens.”

“We’re in a difficult time in our country and I don’t think more government is necessarily the answer to this,” Bush said. “I think we need to reconnect ourselves with everybody else. It’s very sad to see. But I resist the notion, and I had this challenge as governor—look, stuff happens. There’s always a crisis. The impulse is always to do something and it’s not necessarily the right thing to do.”

Shockingly, when a reported tried to give him a chance to clarify his remarks, Jeb doubled down, defended his moronic comment, and said, “Things happen all the time — there, is that better?”

Sorry Jeb — as President Obama pointed out yesterday, this “stuff” doesn’t “happen” once or twice a month in any other advanced nation on earth. According to data compiled by the United Nations, the United States has by far the highest rate of gun-related homicides among developed countries, with Americans 20 times more likely to be killed by a gun than someone from another developed country. As Ring of Fire reported yesterday, we are into the 274th day in 2015. Yet, there have been 294 shootings in which at least four people were shot in one spree or setting.

America’s lax gun control laws came into sharp focus yesterday after federal officials announced that all 13 of the killer’s gun had been legally purchased.

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