Not long after the tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon took place, CNN “analysts” had already started politicizing and speaking pro-gun nonsense. This is a hard, right turn for CNN.

CNN contributor Rick Francona said that the shooter chose Umpqua Community College because it’s a “gun free zone.” He blames such policies for perpetuating mass shootings.

“We were talking earlier about these gun free zones in Oregon,” Francona said. “Oregon is a shall issue permit state. A lot of Oregonians do have concealed handgun licenses, that’s what we call them here.”

“The gun free zones are the areas that tell licensed gun owners that you are not allowed to carry your weapon in this facility,” he added. “So, they do serve a purpose to let everyone know that this is a gun free zone.”

Another contributor, retired Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam backed up Francona’s comments. The common thread between Gilliam and Francona is based on the idea that more guns prevent shootings. That’s like saying someone should eat more McDonald’s to lose weight.

“You are really setting people up — and law enforcement — for somewhat of a failure when you have an active shooter scenario,” Gilliam said. “Clearly, policy has to be looked at and what’s effective.”

“This shows you how quickly these things can go bad, and these gun free zones, just like happened in Tennessee that this shooter that went onto a military installation, which was a gun free zone,” he added. “We see that the only thing that’s going to stop a gun is another gun.”

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