While discussing a bunch of anti-woman and anti-Planned Parenthood talking points, the panel on Fox News’ Outnumbered said that women too often make themselves into the victim. Panel guest and Fox News contributor, Dr. Keith Ablow, said teenage girls who wear yoga pants play the “victim card.”

“Teenage girls want to wear leggings to school but they don’t want to be stared at,” said Ablow. “Or they say they don’t want to be stared at. But then again, why are we wearing the leggings to school — yoga pants. So, there’s this tremendous conflict going on.”

“You will run into these skirmishes, like men don’t tend to raise money for their health causes, they don’t tend to do that,” he continued. “As you said, ‘Birth control, we have to get more of it, it’s got to be funded.’ Men don’t tend to do that. There’s no massive movement for prostate cancer to be given preferential funds.”

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