Republicans in Congress are set to implement a rare procedure to advance bills in opposition to the Affordable Care Act and Planned Parenthood. The move is called a budget reconciliation.

Budget reconciliations must focus solely on taxes, spending, or the debt limit, instead of the policy itself. They also cannot be filibustered in the Senate. They are subject to limited amendments, and they require only a simple majority to pass. Budget reconciliations are, however, still subject to presidential veto.

The House Ways and Means Committee, chaired by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is leading the conservative charge against the ACA.

The Huffington Post reported that Ryan’s legislation targets the ACA by ordering the repeal of several key parts of the law, including the mandate for people to purchase health care, the cost-controlling Independent Payment Advisory Board, a tax on medical devices, and the so-called “Cadillac plan” tax on high-cost health insurance.

The Energy and Commerce Committee is taking steps to attack Planned Parenthood.  “We also will take steps to protect taxpayer dollars from programs and organizations that do not live up to the standards and priorities of the American people,” said Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), the committee’s chair. “As this committee continues to investigate Planned Parenthood and its affiliates, the flow of taxpayer dollars should end.”

These efforts appear to be more about obstruction and political division, rather than protecting tax dollars like the Republicans claim. President Barack Obama will more than likely veto the bills.  

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