Jeb Bush released his energy plan this Tuesday and already analysts are finding that its biggest winners are his campaign donors. Jeb has a strong backing from groups associated with the oil and gas industries and those organizations come out on top with Jeb’s energy plan.

Jeb’s plan seeks to plunder the energy policies of America by raising natural gas export restrictions, endorsing the Keystone XL pipeline, and removing federal restrictions on the exploitation of natural energy resources.

It’s a plan that’s perfect for the groups that donate heavily to Jeb and his associated super PACs. The International Business Times examined Bush’s list of donors and found exactly that.

From Times:

Looking at the list of donors who have given $1 million or more to Right to Rise, at least 14 donors work for companies that would directly benefit from Bush’s proposed energy politics or work for companies that represent energy corporations or have connections to the energy sector.

“Over-regulation affects energy directly and indirectly,” says Bush’s plan. “Some new rules, such as overwriting state and tribal standards for hydraulic fracturing operations, directly discourage investment in domestic oil and gas operations. Other, broader regulations, such as Obama’s Carbon Rule, attempt to impose the president’s conception of how everyone should produce and consume energy.”

Jeb has little interest in protecting American resources or the environment. He is merely serving his corporate backers, and Americans will pay the price.

For more on this, read the article from the International Business Times titled: “Jeb Bush Energy Plan Most Benefits His Top Donors.”