Last week, Donald Trump announced that he would no longer be appearing on Fox News because he believes that he has been treated unfairly by the right wing media outlet.

Let’s take a minute to soak in the irony of this entire situation – Had Fox News not invited Trump on their programs many years ago, he never would have gotten into American politics and he’d still be hosting his asinine reality show on NBC.

This is truly the case of Frankenstein’s monster turning on its own creator.

The other great irony is that President Obama, who gets attacked at least once during every show on Fox News throughout the day, still agrees to sit down with those same hosts from time to time, because he isn’t a coward like Donald Trump.

But Fox can’t risk losing the support of the possible GOP nominee – and the audience of his supporters – so Roger Ailes made the decision to meet privately with Donald Trump in an attempt to work out their differences.

The only question now is who will blink first. We all know that Trump isn’t going to back down, so we’ll find out soon enough if Roger Ailes and his stable of on-air personalities are willing to soften their already polite criticisms of Donald Trump, or if Ailes is willing to risk alienating Trump’s supporters and losing a large share of their audience.