Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) recently announced his Shut Down the Shutdown Act, which is designed to protect the government from shutdowns as a result of political fights and obstruction.

Planned Parenthood received roughly half a billion dollars in federal grants to help pay for critical medical services that the organization provides to poor women across the country last year.

The federal government spends approximately $3 trillion a year.

So Republicans want to shut down the entire federal government over a concern regarding about one-sixtieth of 1% of federal spending.

If Republicans shut the government down, health and safety inspections will be halted. Federal loans and import/export licenses will be put on hold.

The National Institutes of Health will stop accepting patients. And more than 800,000 federal workers are likely to be sent home.

Grayson added that the Standard & Poor estimated that the government shutdown in 2013 cost American taxpayers $24 billion and reduced the GDP by 0.6 percent. If another shutdown occurred, there’s no telling how it would affect the country.


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