A felon from South Dakota is in police custody after telling police that a black guy shot him in the penis. That was a lie. The truth is that he shot himself in the penis while he was trying to illegally purchase the firearm.

Donald Anthony Watson had tried to make up a story to cover up for the fact that he was thinking about buying the gun and put it in his pocket when it discharged and shot him in the penis. Watson told authorities that a black guy tried to rob him while he was taking the trash out at his apartment.

Police obtained a search warrant for Watson’s apartment after neighbors said they had heard shouting and screaming coming from Watson’s apartment and could find no sign that a gun was discharged in the area Watson had indicated.

When officers entered Watson’s apartment, they found blood and an empty gun case.

Watson told authorities, after they confronted him, that he had made up the story. He faces charges for the possession of a firearm by convicted felon, two counts of making false reports to law enforcement, and possession of a firearm by a drug offender.

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