Pope Francis is inspiring the world. Everyone can feel this. Yet he also is inspiring American youth, something the Catholic Church has not been able to do in a very long time. What is helping to drive this phenomenon is social media.

Youth obsession with social media messaging such as Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and others allow the younger generation to share their images and thoughts on Pope Francis to thousands of others in seconds. One such Twitter account is Pope is Hope. This is a group of sixty volunteers who are documenting Pope Francis’ U.S. trip. It is being coordinated and funded by Aleteia USA, a Christian global media company.

The campaign uses hashtags #PopeIsHope and #GoodIsWinning, and even “Pope-emojis,” showing the leader of the Catholic Church at various American tourist attractions.

The group is actually following the lead of Pope Francis, who has 23 million followers and Twitter accounts in nine different languages.

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